About WeAreResidents.org

We live in Saffron Walden in Essex. We LOVE where we live.

Previous generations have loved living here too for over 1,000 years. That means it’s worth protecting for our children and theirs to come. The decisions we make are the legacy we leave behind. That’s why we don’t sit on the side-lines waiting for others; we get involved. We’re proud to be residents and part of our community.

Formed in 2011, WeAreResidents.org is the Saffron Walden, Essex based independent community group. Because we love where we live, we care about creating, maintaining and living in healthy, and sustainably growing communities with vitality and verve.

If fact we love where we live so much, we joined with other community groups to form Residents for Uttlesford to provide a strong, independent voice for the views of residents of our area. Find out more at www.Residents4U.org.