Thaxted – Uttlesford Local Plan

With a history back to Domesday and many unique mediaeval buildings, Thaxted is one of the jewels in the heritage crown of the UK. It has a rural and unspoilt character that comes from the fact that it far from any major roads or railways; this isolated nature has meant that development has passed it by for over 1,000 years.

The village has 1,200 households but has seen a number of large developments since 2010. In 2015 the local residents group and Parish Council successfully won an appeal against a development for 120 homes from developer Gladman.

2015 new Local Plan Context

After their draft Local Plan was rejected, Uttlesford District Council started a new Local Plan process in 2015. The start of the process included a ‘call for sites’. This asked all landowners and developers to come forward with land that they’d like to develop within the Local Plan period. In effect this means between now and 2033. There are a surplus of potential development sites across the district, so the council will consult and consider which ones it wishes to include as part of its Local Plan.

Development Sites Being Considered

Below are the possible new (2015) Local Plan sites in the village.

ThaxtedLocal Plan

More Information

Key Planning Applications

Recent News

4 comments on “Thaxted – Uttlesford Local Plan
  1. Corinne Rulten says:

    I have been a thaxted resident all my life and have bought up three children here and am very against more housing being built

  2. Veronica Charter says:

    Thaxted is a gem of a medieval town surrounded by beautiful countryside at the moment. It should be a conservation area and not become just a medieval street in a suburban town.’

  3. Stewart of Debden says:

    Thaxted has already increased its housing by 10% over recent times which would seem acceptable development in line with the Thaxted Statement produced in 2008. Why then is it proposed to ruin this gem of a UK asset by this outrageous proposal.

  4. Andy Perrin says:

    Well done to all who fought against the proposed Gladman development, a fantastic job, enjoy your success!

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