Newport – Uttlesford Local Plan

Newport in Essex has 973 homes, 124 of which have been built since 2001.

Over the last few years Newport has be targeted for relatively large growth. The rejected 2014 Local Plan saw a number of developments approved and a number more have come forward. The village is restricted by the motorway and railway/flood plain on either side and so proposed locations are north and south and are in effect ribbon-development. Unsustainable development is opposed by the local residents’ group, SaveNewportVillage.

2015 new Local Plan Context

After their draft Local Plan was rejected, Uttlesford District Council started a new Local Plan process in 2015. The start of the process included a ‘call for sites’. This asked all landowners and developers to come forward with land that they’d like to develop within the Local Plan period. In effect this means between now and 2033. There are a surplus of potential development sites across the district, so the council will consult and consider which ones it wishes to include as part of its Local Plan.

Development Sites Being Considered

Below are the possible new (2015) Local Plan sites in the village.

Newport, Essex Local Plan

More Information:

Key Planning Applications for Newport:

See the Planning Applications section for other major planning applications.

Recent News:

3 comments on “Newport – Uttlesford Local Plan
  1. CHRIS CLAYDEN# says:


    • We agree that new homes are needed and affordability is a critical issue for the whole of the south east. However the locations chosen should be evidence led and not just because someone wants to build. The evidence that the government requires includes a significant requirements for sustainability. Even though that is quite a squishy word, in practice is means that you build homes near job centres and in locations that are connected to transport infrastructure. And if they are approved any downsides must be mitigated, such as school access, sewers, traffic, pollution etc. What the Planning Inspector has found is that UDC have been sadly lacking in both evidence and sustainability in their choice of locations. Both Elsenham and the east of Saffron Walden are good cases in point. Both poor locations because of inaccessibility. In both Newport and Walden existing job sites have been flipped to housing sites, causing even more problems. At the end of the day new homes should be near jobs, roads and railways. It isn’t rocket science, but the Planning Inspector has found our District Council lacking in this area.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am most concerned with the pressure these new houses will have on traffic density through our village. Adding a bypass to these proposals would make sense and offset many objections

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