Great Dunmow – Uttlesford Local Plan

Great Dunmow in Essex is one of the 2 market towns in Uttlesford district and is one of the main population centres. It has 3,800 homes.

The development of new housing since 2000 in Great Dunmow has been staggering. 812 have been built since 2001 and another 1,069 have been approved but not yet built.

In addition, Land Securities have announced their intent to develop the first 140 hectare parcel of their massive 700 hectare site, building an initial 700 houses in a location outside of the bypass in the adjacent village of Little Easton. This development will in effect join the 2 settlements together. The total Land Securities site has capacity for many 1,000s of new homes if fully developed (on left/west side of the map below). If developed this would combine Great Dunmow, Little Easton, Broxted, Little Canfield and Takeley into a new town.

2015 new Local Plan Context

After their draft Local Plan was rejected, Uttlesford District Council started a new Local Plan process in 2015. The start of the process included a ‘call for sites’. This asked all landowners and developers to come forward with land that they’d like to develop within the Local Plan period. In effect this means between now and 2033. There are a surplus of potential development sites across the district, so the council will consult and consider which ones it wishes to include as part of its Local Plan.

Development Sites Being Considered

Below are the possible new (2015) Local Plan sites in the town.

Great Dunmow, Essex Local Plan

More Information

Key Planning Applications for Great Dunmow

See the Planning Applications section for all major planning applications.

Recent News

One comment on “Great Dunmow – Uttlesford Local Plan
  1. Taylor Wimpey and Secretary of State fighting to overturn high court decision to allow residents voice to claim unfair planning appeal hearing last year. The high court judge allowed residents case to progress to court on 1 July 2013.
    Taylor Wimpey want to kick out the case and progress with plans to build on grade 2 agricultural land, outside the development area (both in the old plan and the proposed new one). There is nil support for this development apart from the field owner.

    Taylor Wimpey are pushing ahead and will hold an event at Saracens Head Hotel Dunmow on 5 June between 2 and 8 pm. They need to demonstrate they have consulted local people yet very few people have been contacted. Our joint message is LISTEN TO DUNMOW, WE DON’T WANT IT? We will have 370 houses behind this on brown field and 1500 houses near Tescos. Plus a further 150 agreed just to get the bypass done. We are not NIMBYS at all but very concerned that good agricultural land is being sacrificed when there is no need to.

    Taylor Wimpey through their planning consultancy Boyer are experts so be careful not to just mention roads, services, loss of views, loss of Agricultural land, where cars will park etc. I assure you they will take each detailed point and find a way of knocking down your argument. I even think they sometimes put forward plans knowing they are not palatable so that they can say theymhave listened to them and are making changes. Our message is clear THE SITE IS INAPPROPRIATE for a multitude of reasons and no one voted for it in the local consultation and our Councillors also oppose it.

    Please have your say either attend if you can or email

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