Impact to Secondary Education Catchment Areas

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3 comments on “Impact to Secondary Education Catchment Areas
  1. Janet Harris says:

    If a new town. Please ,please do not think that Henham / Elsenham is a good place , or for that matter the outskirts of Dunmow , which combined with Canfield and Takeley and Stansteds new developments already exhausted the existing schools in Uttlesford nd impacts on Stortford. Which may well have its own problems to contend with. Thus reducing the available spaces or those wishing to go to Stortford schools. A new town with new schools is a must, but people are still going to want to choose. And the best schools in the area will still be over subscribed while a new school will have everything to prove . And this will all take time. Whilst houses are going up ,left right and centre, and the school places are being reduced further. Sorry, what I am trying to say is , that the place that was turned down for a new town north of Walden! If any place is suitable for a new town ,in all honesty, there was marginally better position wise than the crowded and tight lanes , decent farmland and lovely countryside between and around Stansted, Newport, Dunmow and Walden and all the villages in between! I am not saying add ons are necessarily good if only added to a minimum of villages / towns. But several spread over every village would reduce the impact . I am not a nimby and would anyone’s corner if necessary. But if we Have to have them then sprinkling rather than dumping the load on one area seems more fair . In which case building a centrally positioned secondary school could be an alternative. This is all just a suggestion. Be great not to have the probems! Bad enough having the airport on the doorstep! Thankyou

  2. Do you want all the new houses in stansted then cos that (failing and without a sixth form) school has capacity? What about primary children or nurseries. Housing developments occupants are not age exclusive and stansted’s EYFS and key stages 1&2 for example are over subscribed or full now. Nowhere has perfect infrastructure in the waiting. Everywhere has to take some growth and our councils have to plan the infrastructure appropriately.

    • Dan Starr says:

      You’re right, infrastructure is busting everywhere, and everywhere does have to take some houses. There are no easy answers, but the UDC Cabinet hasn’t even done the basic research to work out what they should be doing about it. In a Local Plan they are *required* to understand the impacts of new homes to education, highways, transport, air quality, water, sewerage and the like *before* they decide where to place houses – not after. East Harts have it right, but our lot don’t. They have done it all backwards in Uttlesford. That is why the education and health authorities made them remove all developer provisions for new schools and medical centres out of the Local Plan last week. They are making it up on the hoof, which is why they proposed to hive of the SWCHS 6th Form then retracted it on the spur of the moment last year. Failing to plan is planning to fail, and Stansted is also in an awful mess with speculative development all over the place.

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