UDC meets 5-year housing supply by approving more than 900 new homes

Boles Bung (Thumbnail)The UDC Planning Committee approved all of the major housing applications in front of them on Wednesday 11th February. These included:

Here is how your local councillors voted (note: a number of councillors were absent for family/personal reasons):

Five Year Supply Met

District councils are required to be able to demonstrate to the Planning Inspectorate that they have a 5-year supply of new homes in the pipeline. UDC has been chasing this number of a few years, but with these new approvals they are now able demonstrate that they have sufficient. By our calculations UDC now has a surplus of 36 new homes in their 5-year pipeline (note: only 150 of the Dunmow, West of Woodside Way 790 homes are deliverable in the next 5 years).

This now gives UDC the ability to put on hold any further approvals until their draft Local Plan is approved by the Planning Inspectorate, however in practice UDC has been recommending most applications put in front of them so that they can claim Boles Bung payments.

It’s a shame, because now having got the target number, the UDC Cabinet could do the right thing and listen to what residents have telling them about their Local Plan, but instead they are likely to carry on regardless. The temptation of the bung is probably too much for them.

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6 comments on “UDC meets 5-year housing supply by approving more than 900 new homes
  1. Alan Dean says:

    Surely UDC can’t be approving planning applications solely in order to accumulate more New Homes Bonus. The council has such an embarrassing horde of NHB that it has little idea what to do with the cash apart from banking it. The administration’s top priority is surely to avoid embarrassment, isn’t it?

    • You would think so. Surely if they get an NHB it should be paying for the infrastructure required to support these new homes in advance of them being built… but wait a minute, that requires STRATEGIC planning. Or UDC could retract that £40 a year tax increase they just voted through for the poorest families…..oh wait another minute, that went to fund increased allowances for the UDC Cabinet. And people wonder why residents want the district council cabinet system abolished.

  2. William Lloyd says:

    Can anyone send me the calculations to prove we have met the 5 year supply. UDC calcualations not clear and I believe weareresidents is the best source of information for this

    • Hi William – Thanks for the kudos! Here is where we estimate UDC are at with the 5 year supply:

      As a starting point, at the beginning of the Feb 12th UDC Planning Committee meeting there was a deficit of 233 in the 5-year supply. At that meeting Hailes Wood, Elsenham (32), Willis & Gambier, SW (52) and Radwinter (35) were all approved (119 in total); There is no reason to believe that all of these aren’t deliverable within 5 years, so that should take the deficit to 114;

      Dunmow Barratt (West of Woodside Way) was approved for 790; the current version of the UDC housing trajectory assumes that they will be built at a minimum of 50 per year starting in year 3, so during the next 5 years that is at least 150.

      That gives a 5-year supply that has a surplus of 36 as a minimum in our calculations.

  3. Joe says:

    I agree that UDC should now start listening to the local residents and also open their eyes to the reality of what will happen if the Kier development gets the go ahead. Friday the 7th February was the day that they should have been down on Thaxted Road to witness the flooding. It was all draining from the fields that are the proposed development. if this is concreted over then it is obvious that the results will be catastrophic for that area.
    I also note that they are now trying to sweeten us with the proposal for adding a school? Yes we need a school but to further concrete this area will surely only make things worse. If the Skate-park is extended that will be another concreted area! Where is all this water going to go if it cant be absorbed into the earth?

    Is anybody listening at UDC?

    • We agree Joe. The land is so saturated now that water is running off as if it were concreted over. That means that the kind of floods we saw last week will be more common occurrences if new houses are built as the storm sewers are at capacity according to Anglia Water. See the section “A flush too many” on this page: http://wp.me/p2dglp-1Dv

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