Planning Application: Saffron Walden (200), Manor Oak, Radwinter Rd (UTT/13/3467/OP)


A new housing estate of up to 230 homes on farmland on the east of Saffron Walden, behind Shire Hill to Radwinter Rd. There are 2 options to the proposals, either

  1. (Approved 30th April 2014): Up to 200 new homes (40% affordable), with employment land, Extra Care housing and land for a primary school; or
  2. Up to 230 new homes (40% affordable), with employment land and an Extra Care housing.

On the 30th April 2014 the UDC Planning Committee approved the second option of this application, which was for 200 new homes, land for a new primary school, extra care units, employment land for 247 new jobs, and a road from Radwinter Rd to Shire Hill to relive congestion at the busy Thaxted Rd lights.

The site is part of a larger parcel of land for which UDC have indicated 800 to 1,223 new homes in total. The owner has made no public statement over their intention for the remainder of the land.

With respect to roads, the proposals provide relief for the busy Thaxted/Radwinter Rd junction by providing an estate road from Shire Hill to Radwinter Rd bypassing the lights.

Site Plan/Map:

General Surrounding Area
Masterplan for the Development


Sustainability Impact

  • Estimated new residential cars: 320 (or 368 if 230 houses)
  • Estimated Primary school places required: 65 (or 75 )
  • Estimated Secondary school places required: 44 (or 50)
  • Estimated 6th Form school places required: 9 (or 10)
  • Estimated minimum developer contribution to sports/open-space: £9,200,000 (or £1,060,000)
  • Estimated Section-106 provision for education: £1,640,000 (or £1,886,000)
  • Estimated value of other ECC Section-106 obligations (non-Highway): £406,000 (or £470,000)



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6 comments on “Planning Application: Saffron Walden (200), Manor Oak, Radwinter Rd (UTT/13/3467/OP)
  1. Lynne Blount. says:

    I think your estimate for 400 cars is very low. On our small development of twelve houses, one third are buy to let properties owned by people who do not live in Safffron Walden. The rents are high and as a consequence some houses are let to more people than the ‘average’ family. In one house there are five cars belonging to occupants. Most people have 2 cars these days and the social housing occupants here also all have cars. I suspect many of these houses will be bought as buy to let and as such car numbers will fluctuate as people move in and out but in my view there is always going to be more than 400 as you state here.

    • Dan Starr says:

      Hi Lynne – The numbers came from the Office of National Statistics from the 211 census that indicates that Uttlesford has 1.33 cars per household. It may be higher in different places in the district but the breakdown didn’t go any further so we thought it was best to go with a defendable number. 300 houses x 1.33 is 399 cars. There will be other traffic though from the business/jobs sites provided as we only counted houses, but at least if you have local jobs some people who drive to remote jobs today may end up walking or cycling to local jobs.

      • Lynne Blount says:

        Hi Dan

        I think you were wise to stick to census figures as you cannot be challenged by those who think there will be fewer cars. Unfortunately though, since 2011 we seem to have acquired a large number of new people to the town especially if our development is at all representative. I hope the planners will ensure that there is enough parking as it is often a bone of contention here.

        The other thing that concerns me is that there appear to be no plans for extra health care and with so many care facilities being built, that will obviously attract older people from outside Saffron Walden,there will be a greater call on existing services which are already stretched.

        Having worked in deprived areas for most of my adult life I am also only too aware of the extra resources required where there are large numbers of social housing. I am not saying that everyone who lives in social housing requires extra support but the reality is that some families will require more support with health and education issues than is the ‘norm’. 40% social housing is a large amount concentrated in one area of the town and this will have huge implications for both local schools, health and social care. The schools will struggle with existing resources to cope, that is of course if they have any places in the first place.
        Finally, if traffic congestion gets any worse in this town some businesses may not want to come here. Time is money, and as one Cambridge company said to me recently, “We don’t deliver in Saffron Walden if we can avoid it, because our driver just sits in traffic!”

        Thanks for your response and your continued work on our behalf.

  2. Dan Starr says:

    You’re right Lynne parking is a concern and traffic congestion will and has turned businesses off. The recent developments inside the town have gone in at such a density that there are no pavements and the roads aren’t wide enough for cars to park both sides. It just causes parking problems between neighbours.

    BTW the 40% UDC rule for affordable isn’t all social housing. It includes private affordable rented and intermediate housing (e.g. rent to buy) too. Usually for detailed planning applications the developer breaks down the numbers for each type on their Application Form. We’ve got a description here:

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Luke Driscoll says:

    This is a shocking proposal. Thoroughly reprehensible. There should be an exhaustive investigation in to who benefits from this proposal. What funding and/or payments will be triggered were this proposal to go through? There is simply no viable infrastructure present. Even if there was a school in this part of town, why would more houses be built in a part of town further away from the station and the M11 access?

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