District Council dumps 370 more homes on Uttlesford settlements

Uttlesford District CouncilWell-articulated evidence and cogent reasons as to why applications for new homes should be refused were swept aside as the UDC Planning Committee decided the fate of 3 major planning applications at their 25th September meeting.

The UDC Planning department has been the worst part of the district council for some time, scoring bottom in nearly of all in monthly key performance indicators. As a result UDC’s draft Local Plan has languished for a year, residents consultations have been ignored, and the council has fallen behind in its required 5-year new homes supply, leaving settlements open to predatory, unsustainable development.

Clearly the UDC Cabinet has decided that enough is enough. UDC is currently recommending every application, irrespective of how unsustainable, and is jamming each one through the planning process. At this most recent meeting, it seems they even resorted to legal scare tactics to bar councillors who looked like they may disagree with them, including Saffron Walden Mayor Cllr Keith Eden.

The 3 major applications that were all approved were:

Here is how your councillors voted:

Look for more building coming to a settlement near you soon as the UDC Planning Committee decide the fate of another 1,000 new homes at their next Planning Committee meeting on 2nd October.

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4 comments on “District Council dumps 370 more homes on Uttlesford settlements
  1. Janet Harris says:

    They are past caring. They pay no attention to anything that the locals Know better than them. As long as it won’t affect them. And they are large punts of money in the UDC coffers , who cares! Words cannot describe how Very Angry and let down I feel ! There is no appeal process! For the applicant yes , for us , A Big FAT NO!!!

  2. Janet Harris says:

    It seems to me that the committee do not have any idea about connecting one place to another. They worry about Walden and its traffic problems , and as a big Walden fan , I more than understand that. But I wish they would give as much attention and concern for the villages they are dumping the unwanted numbers of houses on! They should read our letters and emails, not collated evidence. They should spend quality time in each area making sure the facts are correct before passing , Anything!! They should read the letters of anger and despair , they should put themselves in other peoples shoes, and forget the UDC coffers. Need I go on!

  3. UDC have made a big mistake allowing more houses to be built in Elsenham. There are no primary school places, no secondary school, doctors surgery over subscribed, no employment and no space on the trains. However, I feel very sorry for the residents of Stansted who will bear the brunt of the traffic. Stansted can’t cope now and will shortly become grid locked. The existing residents in Elsenham may never be able to leave the village again. Hmmm!

  4. Raymond Franklin. says:

    I spoke against the planning application in Stansted Road. OK, I can hear people say “Of course he has, he lives there.” But as I pointed out the entire village will suffer from the increased traffic. By the small number of those who seemed unable (or unwilling) to write with their objections, I sadly feel a NIMBY stance was taken by some.”Stansted Road is not in my back yard. If Stansted Road and the “Crown estates” development goes ahead the large Fairfield one will not”! I feel they are going to proved wrong! I am informed the Fairfield Application has been recommended fro approval. Ray Franklin.

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