Press Release: Planning Inspectorate ranks Uttlesford in lowest 25% for Local Plan delivery

Monday 9th September 2013, Saffron Walden: In the Planning Inspectorate’s most recent Local Plan league table, Uttlesford District Council has been ranked in the bottom 25% of councils, with 75% of councils in the country ahead of UDC in the delivery of their plans, including 48% of councils that have already adopted their plans.

Writing in the most recent council newsletter Uttlesford Life, UDC Leader Cllr Jim Ketteridge claimed that “half the councils in the country are in exactly the same position as ourselves.” However the evidence produced by the Planning Inspectorate shows that, like UDC, only 88 out of the 348 councils have failed to publish their Local Plans, not 50%.

The Uttlesford Local Plan, which was supposed to have been adopted in 2011, is still in draft form having been overwhelmingly rejected by residents in 2012 after the incoming UDC Cabinet abandoned the existing single-settlement strategy and started all over again. In the meantime government imposed new housing numbers have significantly increased. That means that a major new draft and public consultation will be required, pushing out the Planning Inspectorate review close to the next district elections, likely making it the biggest election issue once more.

Dan Starr, chair of Saffron Walden based stated “Because the UDC Cabinet has shown itself incapable of delivering a Local Plan, a blitzkrieg of piecemeal and unsustainable developments are raining down on our towns and villages, and so they are trying to mislead residents again.”

Dan Starr continued “The UDC Cabinet leadership has failed the district and so they are now trying to put lipstick on the pig by blaming everyone else and pretending that they are performing much better than the Planning Inspectorate reports that they are. Uttlesford can’t wait and so Council Leader Jim Ketteridge should resign now.”

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