Dunmow residents believe Brick Kiln developer has poor record on trust

Dunmow Brick Kiln FarmThere were more letters in the local papers this week about the proposed Brick Kiln Farm development of 68 houses outside Great Dunmow.

People clearly don’t believe the developer’s promises over land donation to the town because they believe that they already reneged on a promise to build the Dunmow bypass that has laid unfinished for many years. Even though the developer had approval, they decided not to build the last few houses in Dunmow’s Woodlands Park because it would trigger the completion of the bypass. Now, instead of completing the development they already started, it seems they want to start another unrelated site in the town. Residents clearly believe it is because it has no bypass condition attached.

Town Councillor Milan Milovanovic writes:

I READ the letter from the chairman and MD of Wickford’s with great interest and very little belief in what the man had to say in support of his application to build 68 homes. His reassurances of open spaces fall on deaf ears as we residents of Dunmow  only know  too well how good Mr De’Ath follows through with his promises.

He is the owner and developer of Woodlands   Park   who   promised   to build  the  bypass  –  something   that was subject to a very well constructed Section 106 agreement much in his favour.

Resident Mike Foster is equally as disbelieving:

How many times have you, yourselves,  tried to renegotiate  the terms of the Woodlands Park agreement? After all, the completion of the bypass was only achieved by another company taking over the responsibility and, even then, at the cost of more of the green belt around Dunmow.

One  might  have  thought  that  was the greater priority, particularly when there are plans for so many houses proposed on adjacent land in competition with Woodlands Park.

Read the full letters in the Dunmow Broadcast (page 6).

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