Facts about social housing need please UDC

Affordable HomesLocal resident Jackie Damary-Homan writes in the Saffron Walden Reporter about the type of new housing that she believes should be considered. She also asks UDC to publish details of the social housing list, which seems reasonable enough since members of the UDC Cabinet seem to keep bandying the numbers about without any ability to residents to scrutinise their claims.

She writes:

ONCE again the obsession for more housing dominates the local news. Where are all these people going to come from and where are they going to work?

Please can Uttlesford District Council release housing waiting list figures for social housing and inform us how many are local people rather than incomers who require homes.

It is well known that the affordable homes get snapped up by landlords adding to their rental portfolio, so again local people miss out. Can UDC not implement shared equity schemes, in addition to social housing, to protect smaller properties for young people born and bred here who have no chance of getting a look in? Surely this is not beyond our council.

If the housing department told us how many properties are truly needed then development to this figure may be more acceptable. It now appears previously industrial/commercial land has been snatched by house builders.

Our council needs to stop pandering to developers whose only objective is high density for maximum profit. They should be forced into building high quality one bedroom units and small bungalows with decent-sized rooms and realistic built-in storage to entice downsizers, releasing larger premises so adding to the council housing stock. The government’s new requirements for such homes now needs to be considered.

However, such homes must be in pleasant and landscaped pockets, not in a concrete jungle. Does anyone want to live in a rabbit hutch on a featureless estate? No-one lives like that in Europe.

According to an article in The Week (April 27) Britons live in the smallest houses in western Europe. Figures show the average new-build home in the UK is 10 per cent smaller than those built 30 years ago.

We must think through the whole development issue, build sensitively, in acceptable areas and build the type of homes people really want to live in.

Read the letter in the Saffron Walden Reporter (page 7).

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