300 new homes off Thaxted Road; public exhibition by Kier

This week on Thursday 16th, there is an important roadshow by housing developer Kier. They want to build a new 300 house estate on farmland outside of the town boundary off Thaxted Rd in Saffron Walden. They have submitted a screening (preliminary) development application to UDC and are gathering residents’ feedback as part of their full application submission.

We recommend that concerned residents attend: The consultation event is at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre, on Thursday 16th of May, between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

The full development application and formal public consultation will come in a few months however developers use these preliminary roadshows as evidence gathering exercises; they present the results as part of their formal development application. In this case, the developer is even trying to engineer a positive result by co-opting the teenagers of the town to support the application by offering them a new skate park; a skate park has nothing to do with housing – it is a separate issue and should stand on its own merits. Shame on the developer for attempting to manipulate minors who don’t understand the broader issues.

In their screening application the developer believes that there will be no major impact to highways. Given that Thaxted Rd already regularly backs up to Shire Hill and occasionally past the Leisure Centre, residents don’t believe that there would only be minimal traffic impact from over 300 new homes. The map above shows areas of concern, including those roads that are likely to see significant traffic and air quality increases.

The developer says they are providing ‘benefits’ to the town, mainly in the provision of additional sports facilities, but almost no infrastructure investment. By offering sports facilities, they are trying to deflect people away from the big-picture issues; is the inaccessible east a suitable and sustainable location to build 300 houses? Instead they are trying to pander to niche interests and have residents fight over how any spoils should be spent. It is even doubtful over how much sports provision would be provided anyway. It’s not up to the developer, it is up to the District Council, and they have made it pretty clear that there would be other priorities (e.g. schools, medical facilities, community centres, highways improvements). The Saffron Walden Town Council opposes the developer’s proposals.

Additionally this new estate is on top of the proposal for 55 new houses on the Kilns site next-door and the adjacent out-of-town retail park that was just approved by UDC, both of which will also negatively impact quality-of-life and access to services for existing residents of the town.

If you didn’t have chance to send Kier feedback yet, you can still do so by filling out and sending them an email *before end of day Friday 24th* using this link.


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One comment on “300 new homes off Thaxted Road; public exhibition by Kier
  1. Martin Folwell says:

    My wife and I went to the consultation and were pleased to see we could barely get in for concerned citizens there to protest at the ill conceived development. Despite paying lip service to the environment and getting the Skateboarding fraternity on their side with promises of an extension to the skate-park and the provision for a “Community Hub” which in my humble opinion, looks like a bomb shelter.
    The Kier representative looked embarrassed at having to try and defend the indefensible. When I pointed out that the Thaxted Road is already overburdened with traffic at peak times, he admitted that a lot of people had mentioned that but had no other real answer. I personally do not believe we in Saffron Walden really need these new homes and we certainly don’t want them in an appalling location. Surely common sense must prevail when this gets to the planning application stage. If Kier have bought the land in advance of having their plans approved, them more fool them!
    Saffron Walden is a lovely SMALL market town and I sincerely hope it remains one!

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