Press Release: Cllr John Lodge asserts election result referendum on UDC Cabinet’s Local Plan

John Lodge (smile)Tuesday 7th May 2013: Newly elected Essex County Councillor John Lodge issued the follow statement following his local election win on May 2nd.

Cllr John Lodge said,

“Last Thursday the voters of the Saffron Walden division of Essex County Council sent an important message to local councillors who ignore their constituency.  Thank you to those voters who dismissed a long serving Conservative councillor who 4 years ago had a majority of over 1,700 votes; this was a very serious and powerful message.”

“Last year, sitting councillors ignored a 99% vote against their development plans for Uttlesford and, whilst Essex County Council is not the primary planning authority, the residents of Saffron Walden used the vote as a referendum on Uttlesford’s Local Development Framework Plan.”

He continued,

“The message to the cabinet of Uttlesford District Council is that if you continue to ignore the wishes of the people who put you in power, you will be voted out in 2015. With the election of Joanna Parry in the District by-election in Newport, it is obvious that the residents’ movement is growing in Uttlesford, and residents’ candidates will stand for all of the UDC seats in Saffron Walden and likely much more broadly across the District.”

John Lodge also thanked the residents of the Saffron Walden county division and his election team.

“I would like to thank the voters of the Saffron Walden division who gave me a vote of confidence and also for the remarkable interest and politeness which you have shown to me as I made my unsolicited approaches on your doorstep, in the market square, or in one of the many local traffic jams.”

“From a standing start in January, I have had amazing support from my committee, my canvassers, my leaflet distributors, donors and so many people who enthusiastically spread the word.  My heartfelt thanks go out to all of these people for mounting a superb and professional campaign which was admired by so many people.”

He concluded:

“I want to continue listening to the views of people who love where they live, so I will run summer surgeries initially in the market square where I have met so many of you on most of the market days this year.  I will be there to talk to you from 10:00 to 11:00 and longer if you need me on the first Tuesday of each month from June through to September, starting Tuesday 4th June.”

“If you need to contact me at other times, I am available on 07758 240332. I look forward to meeting even more Saffron Walden Residents in the coming months.”

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Founded in 2011, is the Uttlesford based group that provides a strong, independent voice for the views of local residents. The group campaigns for long range strategic and sustainable plans for their area. works with other similar groups across Uttlesford and enjoys the strong support of professionals in key and relevant professions. is one of the residents’ groups that help start Residents for Uttlesford (R4U), the local political party of towns and a village that is seeking to give residents a stronger say in local matters. can we found on the web at

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2 comments on “Press Release: Cllr John Lodge asserts election result referendum on UDC Cabinet’s Local Plan
  1. Jane Berney says:

    I was in Saffron Walden today (June 4 2013) but couldn’t see John. Where was he?

    • John Lodge says:

      Sorry. The Town Council would not give me pitch in the Market today so I hired a room in the Town Hall. I do appreciate we could not publicise this as well as we had hoped.

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