Where do YOU want to live?

Traffic gridlock in Saffron WaldenSaffron Walden resident Nick Fields makes an impassioned call for residents to get involved before the town turns into just another anonymous, poorly planned, traffic-filled commuter town. Since he wrote the letter, at the local elections Saffron Walden residents told the district council just what they thought of their plans in what was in-effect, a referendum on housing.

The other thing we like about Nick Fields’ letter is it acknowledges that development must happen, but in an organic and sustainable manner. WeAreResidents.org totally agrees.

The question is will UDC now listen to the people that they are supposed to represent, and abandon unsustainable development in the area? Here is his letter:

IT seems that every week we read in the local press of yet another large housing development plan for Saffron Walden, having been either submitted to or – more likely – agreed by our out-of-touch district council.

One is forced to draw the conclusion that the reason Saffron Walden is being deluged with applications for large housing estates and out-of-town supermarket developments is quite simply due to the fact that the developers, like the natural predators they are, sense a fatal weakness in the council’s planning development policy, which they aggressively take advantage of, like sharks encircling a floundering swimmer.

The current traffic congestion in Radwinter Road and Thaxted Road will be a permanent daily occurrence, multiplied many times over unless the town’s residents take a stand.

It is time for residents to wake up and ask themselves whether they wish to live in an organically and sustainably growing market town, or whether within the next couple of years they wish to find themselves living in a larger, polluted overspill town, similar to Bishop’s Stortford or Braintree, with heavy traffic congestion that bears no resemblance to the town they thought they lived in.

Read the letter in the Saffron Walden Reporter (page 6).

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One comment on “Where do YOU want to live?
  1. Janet harris says:

    This goes for all the other villages and Dunmow. The planning committee do not seem to be taking the problems the developments will cause into account. And if they are they are ignoring them. Because they have been told that the thousands of houses gave to go somewhere, they are passing developments in lots, so they add up, but maybe we won’t notice. But we do , and getting enough people to take notice and realise the problems they will cause, is really hard. I hope that the UDC will realise now that the Peopld of Uttlesford are not happy.

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