Planning Application: Dunmow/Little Easton (700), Land Securities, Easton Park (UTT/13/1043/OP and UTT/14/2285/OP)

Overview: Planning Refused

700 new homes, a care home, retail, offices, leisure/community facilities on the eastern 25% of Land Securities’ land holdings at Easton Park in Little Easton (ex RAF Dunmow airfield), directly north-west of Great Dunmow. The majority of the proposed development is in Little Easton, with only the part right next to the bypass being in Dunmow.

There are 2 concurrent planning applications for the same development. This first, UTT/13/1043/OP, was refused in 2013 and is now under Appeal. In parallel, Land Securities submitted a second application, UTT/14/2285/OP, which is almost identical, but now includes an access to the recently opened (and misnamed) Dunmow Bypass. Land Securities are probably hoping that with 2 applications, they increase their chances of having one approved.

This application was refused by the UDC Planning Committee. The decision was then appealed by the developer and not contested by UDC. The appeal was fought by local residents and the Little Easton Parish Council, who won their appeal. Planning was refused by the Secretary of State in August 2016. Read the decision notice.

Site Plan/Map:


Sustainability Impact:

  • Estimated new residential cars: 1,120
  • Estimated Primary school places required: 227
  • Estimated Secondary school places required: 152
  • Estimated 6th Form school places required: 31
  • Estimated Section-106 provision for education: £5,740,000
  • Estimated value of other ECC Section-106 obligations (non-Highway): £1,420,000
  • Estimated minimum developer contribution to sports/open-space: £3,230,000



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4 comments on “Planning Application: Dunmow/Little Easton (700), Land Securities, Easton Park (UTT/13/1043/OP and UTT/14/2285/OP)
  1. Janet Harris says:

    Having only seen this news about Land Securities this week, I was shocked to see, after google earthing the map, that it would link poor Little Easton to Dunmow . Hardly anyone has commented , and I can’t believe so few people care. So did this one fly in under the radar? Coz if I had known before the closing date I would have commented!!! I may email a comment to planning. I love a rant!

  2. Mr Robert Greenaway says:

    I agree entirely with the lady that as it stands Little Easton WILL be absorbed n Nth Dunmow and see coming as far as Park Road, the developement gives nowhere near enough differentiation.

    While there is an obvious need for more housing, does it have to impact across areas that have always been separate communities.

  3. Bill Bowmar says:

    Does Uttlesford have a credible housing plan that has true local support? Could someone provide a list of all the sites under consideration together with the proposed number of dwellings. For some reason Great Chesterford seems to have fallen into a black hole. Does some local politician live there?

    • Bill – the draft Local Plan has zero support. All public consultations on it were resoundingly rejected by the public. In both the 2012 and 2014 public consultations on the draft Local Plan 1,000s of people rejected the plan each time, with only a handful supporting it (only 9 people supported the most recent 2014 draft), yet the UDC leadership chose to ignore all the responses and carry on with what they wanted to do. Copies of the versions of the draft Local Plan including all the site allocations, and potential sites (SHLAA) can be found on this page:

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