Planning Application: Elsenham (800), Fairfield, Station Road (UTT/13/0808/OP)

Overview: Planning Refused

Development of 800 homes; retail stores; commercial/employment units; primary school; Health Centre use; community buildings; access road improvements; a construction access and haul route; Waste Water Treatment Works; green-space. First part of 3,000 home developer master plan to create a new settlement/village extension sandwiched between Elsenham and Henham, dubbed ‘Hellsenham’ by locals.

This application was refused by the UDC Planning Committee in 2013. The decision was then appealed by the developer and not contested by UDC, who refused to back the decision of their planning committee. The appeal was funded and fought by local residents, who won their appeal. This second planning refusal was by the Secretary of State in August 2016. Read the decision notice.

In 2014 the site was also rejected for UDC’s draft Local Plan by the Planning Inspectorate. They found the location as an totally unsound place for UDC to allow the building of a large-scale new settlement/village extension.

BBC News: Segment about UDC Planning Committee development refusal

Site Plan/Map:


  • Location: Station Road, Elsenham, CM22 6LB
  • Developer/Promoter: Fairfield
  • Number new houses in current application: 800 (first part of 3,000 home masterplan)
  • Estimated Primary school places required: 260
  • Estimated Secondary school places required: 173
  • Estimated 6th Form school places required: 35
  • Estimated Section-106 provision for education: £6,560,000
  • Estimated new residential cars: 1,280
  • Size: First parcel of 265 hectares
  • UDC Local Plan site reference: ELS08
  • UDC maximum site yield: 7,437 houses


Other Information:


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2 comments on “Planning Application: Elsenham (800), Fairfield, Station Road (UTT/13/0808/OP)
  1. Janet harris says:

    Just realised where the proposed road is exiting. Unbelievable. It not only goes through a gentle piece of farmland usually occupied by cows. But comes out near a hideous tight bend that my next door neighbour had a nasty accident at several years ago. Who thinks this is good idea?

  2. This is Option 4 that UDC promised they had scrapped and wouldn’t revive. If they pass it they will land up with egg on their face when they realise that the road proposed in this application exits both ends onto windy, bendy country lanes that are single file in some parts. There are no primary school places in Elsenham, it doesn’t have a secondary school and no employment. Anyone living on this proposed site would be forced to commute via these country lanes. Hmmm!

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