Cllr Chris Pond “Localism in hands we can trust”

In 1981 Loughton residents disagreed with their district council over planning. They formed their own association, the Loughton Residents Association (LRA), and put forward their own independent candidates. Now they don’t rely on the whims of national politics, because they have 1 county, 12 district and 18 town councillors.

Chris Pond, the Loughton Residents Association County Councillor says “We took our future into our own hands – hands we can trust.”

That’s now what residents are doing in Uttlesford, starting with their County Councillor. They are standing their own Saffron Walden candidate, John Lodge on an ‘Independent for Residents’ ticket. And in Newport they are eyeing up a vacant District seat.

Read more about Loughton and their own residents’ association.

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One comment on “Cllr Chris Pond “Localism in hands we can trust”
  1. Geoff Powers says:

    OK Cllr. Mackman, where’s is your evidence for this assertiom? You’re just one more of the crowd of rowdy Tory tubthumpers and trumpeters: “Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the lovely goodies we have for you! Er, er, hang on a minute ……. Heard the one about t the old empty barn? There’s nothing in it! – Ha.ha.ha! Now move along, move along, nothing to see here!

    If you can’t put up, then shut up!

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