Walden Reporter: Housing is failure of successive governments

Regular newspaper contributor Terry Rumble of Sewards End writes a letter in this week’s Saffron Walden Reporter:

IT can hardly be claimed that the local population has shown any enthusiasm for the additional housing which is being forced upon this community.

In many respects this is a consequence of someone in Whitehall looking at a map and seeing that NE of London has few urban areas so we will bung the new housing there regardless of infrastructure needs or the fact that the area is good agricultural land. At the rate propositions are growing, the area will be urbanised from Cambridge to Maidstone and Southend to Slough.

This all stems from a failure of successive governments to control the drift to the south-east and to discourage large organisations from setting themselves up in central London. Long gone are the days when, due to slow communication offices had to be in close proximity to services, banks, insurance, [and] accountants.

With modern telecommunications location is immaterial so long as a computer link, which many of these new jobs involve, can be established.

Instead of throwing their hands up and saying that they must accept the trend, politicians should take a national view and produce policies which take advantage of land which is available elsewhere and the pool of labour.

Read the full article in the Saffron Walden Reporter (page 6).

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