Planning Application: Stansted (160), Walpole Farm (UTT/13/1618)


Development of up to 160 homes, up to 600 square metres of commercial floorspace, approximately 0.45ha reserved for educational uses, seven full size allotments, paddock and community woodland area.

Site Plan/Map:



Other Information:


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4 comments on “Planning Application: Stansted (160), Walpole Farm (UTT/13/1618)
  1. This is not new is it just the screening opinion rather than a full planning application having been submitted now?

    • You’re right, not new (17-Jan-2013). Just doing some site maintenance and moving stuff around in the planning section in preparation for a number of new full applications coming. I expect the full application for this will be on the way, but we don’t have visibility yet. You probably got an email as you’re subscribed to the blog and as pages get added you get automatically notified.

    • This has now moved to Outline Application UTT/13/1618 and the page has been updated

  2. Janet harris says:

    Cunning!! It protects the view coming into Stansted. Tho personally I prefer the view if crops , what are they going to put in the ‘paddock’? Rent it out to pony owners? Or just wild grass, wild flowers and mostly weeds. ?
    I don’t support the Bentfield development either, due the roads, position, schools and doctors, and this looks designed to , ‘whoops’ , link up with that development if it were to go ahead. If they should both be passed.! The cars will still have to go through Stansted on the Cambridge Road that gets chocca at peak times. And even worse when there are lorries unloading. Why do developers not consider the down sides? Money , money , money!!
    The junior schools , have NO room, but a new school won’t solve the problem. The present Bentfield school is very special! It’s position, shape, everything that we send our children there for. A New school could not replace it. St Mary’s is new, not enoufmgh classrooms or teachers to absorb the remains of FHP. To say nothing of present children due to go to reception , who have had to go out of the village. The local secondary schools are near to saturation. New health centre, eventually, not enough doctors. And so on.
    It’s all been said before. A mantra , not because we are Nimbys , but because we want to preserve what we value. Small lots of houses , not more than 15 ,as we have just had at Norman Quarter , Bentfield , a Knights development. We have huge numbers of flats around Stansted, and 14 more due in the Health Centre Sandwich. Been looking at poor Dunmows onslaught too. This poor country!

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