Documents: Uttlesford District Water Cycle Study (Hyder 2012)

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This detailed report, commissioned by UDC, reviews the current sewage capacity in the district and provides guidance to the council and developers.

Saffron Walden already at sewage capacity

For Saffron Walden, on PDF page 8 the report states:

The development trajectory proposes that 880 new dwellings are constructed. The existing sewerage network is at capacity and it is understood extensive upgrades are required. The predicted total Dry Weather Flow (DWF) (following the proposed development) received by the Saffron Walden WwTW will not exceed its volumetric discharge consent. However, there is no process capacity available at the WwTW.

In other words the Saffron Walden sewage works is at capacity but is legally able to be expanded. There is no current capacity to process sewage for UDC’s proposed minimum of 880 new homes. In discussions we have had with Anglia Water, there are no upgrades planned or budgeted until 2020, which is long after UDC wishes to have its proposed housing for Saffron Walden built and flushing. This is one of the reasons that building in Saffron Walden was rated by planners as one of the least sustainable options.

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