Planning Application: Newport (84), Bury Water Lane (UTT/13/1769/OP)


84 houses on 6.1 hectares, with 40% affordable, open spaces, allotments, pond, play area.

Site History:

  • 2012: A Scoping Application was submitted for a single development of 300 houses (UTT/12/5582/SCO) on 14.5 hectares
  • 2013: The site was split into 2 smaller parcels and outline submitted and approved for both: UTT/13/1769/OP, Bury Water Lane, up to 84 houses on 6.1 hectares; and UTT/13/1817/OP, Whiteditch Lane, a for 2.1 hectare elderly care home with 100 apartments for seniors, and 60 bed extra-care facility.

Site Plan/Map

Overall site

Photograph of site

Bury Water Lane Residential Application (UTT/13/1769)


  • Location: Bury Water Lane, Newport, CB11 3UA
  • Developers/Promoters: Hill/Sworders
  • Number new houses in current application: 84 houses
  • Size: 6.1 hectares (of 9 hectare site)
  • UDC Local Plan site reference: NEW7 (partial)
  • UDC maximum site yield: 338houses (for total combined sites)

Sustainability Impact:

  • Estimated new residential cars: 135
  • Estimated Primary school places required: 28
  • Estimated Secondary school places required: 19
  • Estimated 6th Form school places required: 4
  • Estimated Section-106 provision for education: £690,000
  • Estimated minimum developer contribution to sports/open-space: £388,000
  • Estimated value of other ECC Section-106 obligations (non-Highway): £170,000




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2 comments on “Planning Application: Newport (84), Bury Water Lane (UTT/13/1769/OP)
  1. Tony Brown says:

    It seems (predictably) that UDC has taken absolutely no notice of the concerns and objections of the residents of Bury Water Lane/School Lane and Newport village. Worse, it seems planners have had a common sense by-pass! So its full steam ahead on shoe horning a development at the bottom of a lane designed for Horse & Cart trafiic, madness simply to achieve a housing target. Already during term time there can be up to 10/12 buses using/blocking the lane waiting for pick up and drop off. Its not uncommon to have to wait upwards of 15/20 minutes during lesson breaks while children cross the lane between buildings. So what on earth makes planners think that by adding the potential for another 150+ plus residents cars, associated delivery trucks, vans and visitors cars to the proposed care home makes any sense at all….. I guess its not in my back yard so what approach… I wonder where those making the decisons live??

  2. John Moran says:

    Can you tell me what your alternative for new housing in Newport is, where would you have the housing that is required [including social housing, key worker housing, etc.] built?

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