More accusations of UDC dealing behind closed doors

The accusations of bias and unminuted meetings at UDC just don’t seem to go away. This week we hear that it involves the Local Development Framework (LDF) Working Group. These are the very people that are trusted to work on the Uttlesford Local Plan, including UDC Cabinet and planning officers.

As UDC is working out how to deal with the large opposition to their proposals, we hear that they had planned a secret LDF meeting to which only a few Working Group members were invited. The question is why would the UDC Cabinet exclude some elected councillors from this LDF meeting when they should legitimately be there? Are there splits in the council over the local plan?

It seems that as soon as the secret got out and councillors made protests, the meeting was cancelled.

People seem to be asking, how can they trust the UDC Cabinet when there seems to be a lack of transparency even inside the council?

Read comments about this on Cllr Alan Dean’s blog.

Update: Lib-Dems boycott flawed planning process because of secret meetings

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One comment on “More accusations of UDC dealing behind closed doors
  1. Geoff Powers says:

    A cabinet member from the north of the district is proposing a ‘guillotine’ on further consultation with the public/residents, and also debate within the council itself, and to go for a ‘final solution’ to the LDF by cabinet members by the end of September. Their arrogance knows no bounds! I see big trouble ahead.

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