Dunmow Broadcast: Homing in on the true estate figures

Mike Studd writes in this week’s Dunmow Broadcast about the infrastructure commitment that was botched by UDC when the previous large development was approved:

How many homes are actually occupied on Woodlands Park? Some time ago we were told that it was around 400 homes short of the magic 651, but going around the estate it is obvious that more than 250 homes are occupied, and the post office lists about postcodes. Or is it true that Housing Association properties don’t count towards the total?

Surely Uttlesford District Council wasn’t naive enough to let the developers get away with that? If it’s going to take 27 years to reach the original target, why on earth do they need planning permission for even more?

If they want to do a deal make them finish the bypass then think about more building – with no guarantees. As usual the developers run rings around UDC who never seem to learn.


WeAreResidents.org opinion:
In a previous large scale development in Great Dunmow, the developer rang rings around UDC and found a way to wriggle out a commitment UDC thought they had to build a bypass. The developer built half of the bypass, and then decided to build fewer affordable houses so the trigger point for completing the bypass was never met. With a track record like this, how can residents trust that UDC will hold developers to their commitments as part of the Uttlesford Local Plan?

You can read the full letter in the Dunmow Broadcast (page 6).


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