Local Plans rejected due to lack of clarity over affordable housing

Developer Francis Taylor write on their website that inquiry inspectors have recently rejected two Local Plans because the councils involved didn’t have sound evidence to support the number of affordable houses that they proposed in their plans.

Because of the findings against both East Staffordshire and Redditch Councils, the precedent has now been set as to how to determine the amount affordable housing contained in Local Plans. The amount must be based on solid evidence where a future, robust housing needs assessment shows that there is in fact a need for that affordable housing.

WeAreResidents.org opinion: UDC has a blanket rule that all development needs to include 40% affordable housing. But is 40% too much or too little when there is no visible robust assessment to conclude exactly the right amount of affordable housing required for each location within the district?

Read the story about East Staffordshire and Redditch Councils on the Francis Taylor website.

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One comment on “Local Plans rejected due to lack of clarity over affordable housing
  1. Alan Dean says:

    Uttlesford’s policy on jobs needs urgent review. Although rejected by the planning committee, the ‘planning establishment’ at UDC recently attempted to drive through the scrapping of employment land in the middle of Stansted in favour of a 14-home “housing enclave” (the developer’s term) with NO affordable housing. This inconsistency undermines the credibility of our district council and makes it more likely that the local plan will be rejected.

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