Even a draft Local Plan protects from predatory developers

Website PlanningResource.co.uk writes that even a Local Plan in draft form provides protection for councils over predatory developers.

Housing developer Wainhomes had their application to build 1,300 turned down by the local council on Cornwall. The developer then had their appeal rejected by Communities secretary Eric Pickles. This was on the basis that that their Local Plan was in draft and so the scheme would be premature and would detrimentally affect work on the core strategy in Cornwall contrary to the government’s localism agenda. The developer then appealed to the High Court that also rejected the appeal on the same grounds.

WeAreResidents.org opinion:  In their recent open letter to residents of the district, Cllrs Rolfe and Ketteridge state that “It is important that we continue to develop our new plan to ensure that we retain control of decision making locally”. The implied threat is that if residents disrupt the content and timeline of the Uttlesford Local Plan they are risking opening the doors to predatory developers. Clearly this is not the case given these rulings against developers over the last few months. By the way, if even if this was the case, UDC has had 5 years to develop their local plan and consistently failed to do so; so it is a little bit much to threaten residents that actually want to see the right plan and most sustainable plan developed for the district.

Read the full story on PlanningResource.co.uk.

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