Walden Local: Planners should build new town

Saffron Walden Castle Street residents Christine Housden writes in today’s Walden Local:

“Castle Street is now a ring road and to try and get out of my drive I have to choose the time of day. It’s like dicing with death. The speed and volume of the traffic is bad now. I hate to think what’s going to happen with approximately another 2,000 cars.

Why can’t planners build a new town with schools, shops, a clinic accommodating dentists, doctors etc. instead of enlarging existing small towns and villages?

And I would have thought that with the new building in the South Road/Peaslands Road area and at ‘Gasworks Corner’ etc., Saffron Walden would have achieved its housing quotas already?”

Read the full letter in the Walden Local e-edition (page 15).

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