Walden Reporter: Zebra preferred

Here is a letter from WeAreResidents.org in today’s Saffron Walden Reporter.

Following up on the Reporter story (Traffic light scheme not the best solution) last week, I’d like to make a point clear about the traffic lights that the district council is seeking to install at the junction of Debden Rd and Borough Lane.

The vast majority of nearby residents are not in favour of lights, but care very much about public safety, including that of their own families who frequently cross the road. Evidence shows that traffic signals are not required because after the 8.50am peak as the junction is relatively quiet.

We think that for the cost of one set of traffic lights, the council should instead install zebra crossings at this location, and also at the bottom of Borough Lane, the bottom of Debden Road and outside the leisure centre.

This will ensure that many more children are safer all the way from home to school. And it could leave another £50,000 to spend on other schemes.

Read the letter in the online edition of the Saffron Walden Reporter.

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